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I'm sorry! (For bringing you to our oooops page!) I discombobulated the discombobulator in the computer's discombobulation cord, so sorry!
That means, that the page you were looking for doesn't exist anymore, it has been chewed up and buried in the garden of time, together with some shoes, bones, and doggy toys and I have forgotten where I put it....

Don't pay any attention to him! (If you ask me, dogs are crazy!) Nothing's wrong really, we're just taking a break and we'll be back on Monday! Come back to see us then...maybe, he'll be gone on another bone-digging expedition...and I will be the only one here to greet you. One can always hope for a normal life!

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CroMache--Graphite Delight

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This beautiful CroMache bowl is called Graphite Delight. It is 13 inches wide by 6 inches deep. This bowl is a true beauty with its inlay of crocheted, beaded flowers and silvery leaves and the center butterfly. Gossamer-thin silver layers make it sparkle. Photos do not do it justice. Artists and crafters have raved about it online.
I've gotten responses from Europe and Asia with compliments about CroMache, and some other artisans are posting my original YouTube video in video sites online (unfortunately, without asking my permission).

If you would like to see the CroMache video on YouTube in which I simply introduced my art, please, click here:

This bowl sells for $60.00 including shipping within the USA. PayPal only. I only ship within the Continental United States, due to the fact that I live in a rural area and my local mail provider is an agent and only carries mail within the USA. I apolozie for any inconvenience. If you are interested in purchasing this unique item, please email me for the PayPal link by using the form below.

Sorry. This bowl is no longer available. SOLD!
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